New Release - Facing Tomorrow Without You

“He’s gone.”

Those two words changed my life forever.

From that moment, I had to carry on without him. But how? How could I move forward when my heart clung to all I had lost?

When I couldn’t see the way ahead, I did what a lifetime of faith had taught me. I turned to God like a child seeking help from her daddy. I was honest and dared to ask hard questions.

God’s response was to stay beside me. He whispered truths to me, provided all that I needed to comfort my broken heart, and revealed a depth of love and compassion I could have never imagined.

Facing Tomorrow Without You will help you to see that you are not alone on your grief journey and will cause you to find hope for your future.

What others are saying about this book

“A beautifully written, faith inspiring, hope-filled account of one woman's journey with God as she works through grief. After it moves you to tears, you too will be convinced, it should be a must-read for any Christian dealing with loss.”
~ Craig P. Wagner, Ph.D., Psy.D., FIPA, Psychologist and Psychoanalyst

“Anneliese Dalaba writes with such transparency about the life-jarring experience of becoming a widow and her honest grappling with her new reality that one cannot help but be drawn completely into her story.”
~ Rev. Steve Pennington, Ph.D., Vice Chancellor Pan-Africa Theological Seminary, Lomé, Togo

“Facing Tomorrow Without You is a must read for everyone who faces the devastation of living life without those they love. This book is packed with hope and healing.”
~ Rev. Kevin Berry, Lead Pastor, Mount Hope Church, Lansing, Michigan

“Grief is so very personal and yet everyone experiences it during their lifetime. The floods of emotions that one goes through are sometimes hard to put into words. Anneliese, in her book, Facing Tomorrow Without You, is able to express those emotions so profoundly. Having recently lost my husband of over 40 years, reading this book has enabled me to realize that I am not alone in my grief and that through my grief, God is ever closer to me. Thank you, Anneliese, for putting into words what so many cannot but also experience.”
~ Rev. Sherry Sabella, Assemblies of God World Missions Area Director, Southeast Europe

“I have known Curt and Anneliese Dalaba for decades. Their marriage was one of the strongest relationships I know, and she is very transparent in sharing her grief journey with us. Every person deals with grief in somewhat the same manner but also in a unique way as well. The insights into her journey will be a help to those who are currently in the midst of grieving as well as a resource to help in the future.”
~ Rev. Jeff Hlavin, Former Superintendent, Michigan Ministry Network

“Anneliese has created a beautiful tribute to her husband’s memory while presenting a valuable gift to the reader. Her skill of intertwining her emotions, Curt’s prose, and God’s Word offers a blended healing balm that will touch any grieving soul. No matter what loss we may experience, Anneliese shares hope for the future and healing for the heart.”
~ Rev. Mary Selzer, Author, Bible Teacher, and Professional Leadership Coach

“‘Sometimes life is just hard … very, very hard!’ As a recent widower, this quote from Facing Tomorrow Without You summarizes my own journey through grief. Anneliese Dalaba has proven to be a worthy guide leading me along this awful path! Her practical and spiritual insights are invaluable in bringing me back to faith. Her resounding resolve became my own: ‘… in all things, trust God!’ A must read for anyone who has experienced the death of a loved one!”
~ Dr. David Stair, Professor Emeritus, Evangel University, Springfield, Missouri

“You cannot understand the debilitating grief and loneliness of losing a loved one until it happens. Anneliese Dalaba lost her husband and became familiar with the reality of a broken heart, shattered dreams, and an important decision: Turn her eyes to Jesus and trust His promises … or sink into the raw emotions that now gripped her future. This book is a must-read for anyone who needs an inspiringly honest story of finding peace in the storm of heartache. It may not seem like it, but there is hope.”
~ Rev. Kamron Oberlin, Lead Pastor, Greater Lansing First, East Lansing, Michigan


Anneliese Dalaba

June 26, 2023