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A Memoir: Hope and Healing for the Grieving

Facing Tomorrow Without You

“He’s gone.”

Those two words changed my life forever.

From that moment, I had to carry on without him. But how? How could I move forward when my heart clung to all I had lost?

When I couldn’t see the way ahead, I did what a lifetime of faith had taught me. I turned to God. But not in some sort of churchy or religious manner. Instead, I approached Him as a child seeking help from her daddy. I was honest and dared to ask hard questions.

God’s response was to stay beside me. He whispered truths to me, provided all that I needed to comfort my broken heart, and revealed a depth of love and compassion I could have never imagined.

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Ties That Bind book cover image

The Arranged Marriage Series (Book 3)

Ties That Bind

Determined to never marry, Kitty Haddington chooses to assist her father at his parish. After visiting a dear old lady outside of town, Kitty is caught in a snowstorm and injured while attempting to return home. Her infuriating rescuer seems oblivious to their precarious situation. If they aren’t careful, marriage might be their only option. Then he would find himself in a loveless union because her heart would always belong to another.

Gerard Kendall took on a role he never anticipated having to fill. As the new Viscount Runswick, countless responsibilities were suddenly thrust upon him. A wife could help him shoulder some of his domestic obligations. Unfortunately, he didn’t have time to indulge in a London Season to search for a bride. Miss Kitty Haddington had an excellent reputation and was easy on the eyes. Perhaps this unforeseen snowstorm could work to his advantage.

Gerard tries to protect Kitty from the intrigue surrounding his family. But when news of Gerard’s shocking past reaches Kitty’s ears, and she is presented with evidence of his deceit, will she choose to trust her heart or the proof staring her in the face?

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The Marriage Maneuver book cover image.

The Arranged Marriage Series (Book 2)

The Marriage Maneuver

Lady Selina Kendall, daughter of a viscount, was given away to her aunt and uncle at a rather young age. She never understood why she was forced to leave her parents’ home while her siblings were allowed to stay. Although Aunt Theo and Uncle Peter are very good to her, Selina cannot help the longing in her heart for her family. When she is ready to be presented to society, the long-awaited letter from her parents finally arrives. But when Selina returns home, nothing could have prepared her for the news that greets her.

Lord Hugh FitzWalter (Fitz) is a wounded hero bearing visible scars, but the greatest damage was done to his heart when his fiancé broke their engagement upon his return from battle. That act caused him to have very little trust for females.

A masterful deception places these two in an arranged marriage, neither anticipated nor desired. How can love grow and faith prevail when outside forces and internal conflicts conspire to tear them apart?

This is the second book in the Arranged Marriage Series. It is a clean, historical romance.

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Reluctant to Wed book cover image.

The Arranged Marriage Series (Book 1)

Reluctant To Wed

To keep her parents from losing their farm in Pennsylvania, Emma agrees to travel to England and accept her grandfather’s offer of arranging a marriage for her with the Earl of Devonport. She secretly hopes marriage to this stranger will lead to love.

To honor his father and to obtain an heir, Devon agrees to marry Emma. A marriage of convenience is acceptable to the earl who wants no emotional ties.

Emma’s straightforward and unpretentious manner draws Devon’s reluctant admiration. Unfortunately, long-held fears are not easily overcome. When the unexpected happens, Emma must learn to trust God even if it means letting go of her dreams.

This is the first book in the Arranged Marriage Series. It is a clean, historical romance.

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