Last Chance

I was recently in conversation with a long-time friend who is now in her 90s. She was an active member of our church and especially reached out to new visitors, making them feel welcome. She never married, but never lacked for friendship in all the years I have known her. A smile always graced her face, no criticism passed her lips, and she was a joy to be around.

"How do you like your new home?" I asked her. Due to failing health, she had recently moved into a nursing home, hence giving up many of her freedoms. She was always very independent, so I expected her to mourn her loss.

"Oh, I love it!" came her quick reply. Her eyes alight with joy. "I have so many opportunities to tell people about Jesus in my new home."

I hadn't expected that. What a beautiful attitude! It was so like the person I knew her to be. Moving to a nursing home could not take away her joy.

It was then that I realized she was reaching out to people who may very well be facing their last chance to accept Jesus as their Saviour and surrender their hearts to Him before taking their last breath and having to face eternity. When I mentioned that to her, she surprised me once again.

"And it's my last chance to tell people about Jesus," she said.

Oh, to have such a servant heart. To desire so desperately to work for our Master, Jehovah, God Almighty. I would think if anyone had an excuse to rest from their labor, a 90-year-old would stand first in line. Yet as long as she had breath, she longed to follow the command Jesus gave her (and us) to "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation." (Mark 16:15 NASB)

Love through me, Love of God

Love through me, Love of God;
There is no love in me.
O Fire of love, light Thou the love
That burns perpetually.

Flow through me, Peace of God;
Calm River, flow until
No wind can blow, no current stir
A ripple of self-will.

Shine through me, Joy of God;
Make me like Thy clear air
That Thou dost pour Thy colors through,
As though it were not there

O blessed Love of God,
That all may taste and see
How good Thou art, once more I pray:
Love through me—even me.

~ Amy Carmichael


January 19, 2022