First Line Friday #98

I am sitting in my recliner with a scarf around my neck, wooly socks on my feet, and a warm blanket over my lap. Although our trees are starting to bud in Michigan, we woke up to about an inch of snow on the ground two mornings ago. Thankfully, it melted by the middle of the day. Spring is fighting winter off the premises. Hopefully, we can finally see the end of freezing temperatures very soon.

The book I'm sharing this week is a mail-order-bride story called Misunderstood Meg, written by Jo Grafford. This is the fourth book in the Mail Order Brides Rescue Series. I have not read any of the other books in this series. What attracted me to this particular one was that the heroine is an heiress. Why would an heiress find it necessary to sign up as a mail-order bride? I will tell you more about it below.

First Line:

Introduction: Meg Gladstone is a vastly wealthy heiress who's never tasted life outside the palatial fortress where she was reared and raised for her own safety.

Chapter 1: Margaret Vivienne Gladstone took one last walk around the near empty ballroom of her late father's palatial Boston mansion. She wasn't going to miss it—the endless parties, charity events, and other social obligations; the pressure to dress and act and talk just so; the endless pursuit of gossip columnists and newspaper reporters; and the crushing scrutiny of the social elite who'd never quite accepted her father for his lack of old family connections.

My Thoughts:

Shad is a secret-service marshal who is tired of his lonely existence. In a moment of weakness, he writes to a mail-order bride service. He hopes to acquire a very grateful bride. One who is so happy to have found a husband to provide for her that she will not ask a lot of questions about his comings and goings. She will gladly create the home he longs for while he goes about his duties. Shad only wants a happy home and family to return to after each mission for the secret-service.

Meg is a rich heiress who has felt imprisoned by her father’s wealth. When her father dies, she sees her chance for freedom. But everyone in the East knows her family. She will have to go far from home to achieve anonymity, so she can finally experience a normal existence. Becoming a mail-order bride was not something she had considered until she read the letter Shad had sent to the agency. He writes about the very things Meg's heart longs for. She does the unthinkable. She writes to Shad.

Of course, Meg is nothing like the woman Shad had dreamed of acquiring, but could she be exactly what he needed? Shad is used to protecting and rescuing people. How will he be able to protect his unexpected heiress when all she longs for is freedom?

I enjoyed both main characters. The romance between them was sweet. There is suspense because of Shad's job. When he drops her off at his ranch after they marry and leaves almost immediately for a mission—without telling her—Meg is left in a house full of strangers. She must show them that as the new mistress, she expects them to follow her orders. Why do some of them look at her askance? Will this ever feel like home to her or has she entered another prison?

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January 19, 2022