First Line Friday #93

I am currently sitting in my daughter's living room in Connecticut listening to the cooing of my precious new granddaughter. My husband and I arrived here on Saturday evening, on the first of February, and my daughter went into labor on Sunday evening, the second of February. The timing was perfect! On Monday morning, we saw our beautiful, healthy granddaughter for the first time. God has been so good to our family once again.

The novel I'm sharing with you today is Mountain Storms by Janice Cole Hopkins. I actually listened to this one on audible. It provided hours of clean and wholesome entertainment while I exercised on my treadmill, worked around the house, drove in the car, or rested. I love reading, but I love audibles too.

First Line:

Ian MacGregor stumbled into his cabin.

My Review:

Aileas is heading west with her three stepbrothers and her stepfather. Unfortunately, one of her stepbrothers wants her to become his wife. He will stop at nothing to get what he wants. When her situation becomes impossible, she runs away, up into the mountains, and tries her best to hide her tracks. A winter storm arises and a loveable dog leads her to a cabin and to his feverish master, Ian.

Ian received a terrible scar on his face in the war. When he returned home to his fianceé, she was too horrified by his appearance to go through with the marriage. Ian takes his sister with him and heads west into the mountains where he has now lived for several years in a remote cabin. When his sister turns 17, she abandons him to return to their aunt. Due to so much abandonment from the people he loved, he doesn't believe any woman can ever see passed his scar to the man within. Aileas nurses him back to health and stays to cook and clean for him. But he knows one day she will leave too. It's inevitable.

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. There are plenty of tense moments and suspense to keep you from putting the book down. Aileas' stepbrother is not one to give up easily, nor take no for an answer. The author does a beautiful job of developing the romance. Ian cannot imagine such a lovely lady wanting him as a husband, so he tries not to read anything into her kindness to him. Aileas would love nothing more than to be cared for and loved by an honorable man like Ian. Unfortunately, she knows his scar is a barrier between them representing the love he lost. He must love his fianceé still. Aileas barely notices the scar for she sees the whole man who is worthy of her trust. The scar does not hide how truly handsome he is. But since he hasn't asked her to stay, he must be looking forward to her leaving. Will these two find the courage to breakdown the walls standing between them?

Your Turn:

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January 19, 2022