First Line Friday #89

Today I'm sharing with you a novel from a series I read several years ago. The series is called The Fires of Gleannmara written by Linda Windsor. I've read several of her books and she does not disappoint. The particular novel I'm sharing today is Riona, which is the 2nd book in the previously mentioned series. (But the 1st and 3rd books are just as exciting and wonderful to read.)

This series is full of adventure and sitting-at-the-edge-of-your-seat type of moments. It's a page-turner. The heroine is strong, but also gentle and tender. She knows what she believes and will not compromise her faith. The hero is swoon-worthy. I have read this series twice, but now that I'm looking at it again, I think I will make it three times.

First Line:

The mist over the loch was so thick a body could walk on it.

From the Back of the Book:

THE WARRIOR — Kieran, the proud warrior-king of Gleannmara, great-grandson of Queen Maire and King Rowan, was once rejected by Riona of Dromin. But this time the willful lady will have no choice. Kieran promised his dying best friend, her brother, to protect Riona as her lord and husband. She must give up her absurd dedication to a fickle God who lets the good die while the vile go unpunished. Kieran's sword and lifelong love is all she will need.

THE WOMAN — When Riona takes to heart three orphans, she begs God for guidance. What of her plans to join the church? Besides, how can she adopt a family without a husband? But when the arrogant Kieran of Gleannmara rides through the abbey gate, Riona cannot believe this is God's answer! She could never accept his swaggering arrogance—or his anger at God.

THE WAYS OF GOD — Kieran is framed for murder. Suddenly the prideful king becomes a fugitive, fleeing for his life. His only hope? The faith and wit of a would-be nun, her prodigal band of homeless waifs—and the very God he has so fiercely denounced.

These unlikely cohorts are joined in an adventure of faith, hope, and love—an adventure that, for Kieran, can have only one end: acquittal . . . or death.

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January 19, 2022