First Line Friday #88

I am currently in the beautiful state of Colorado for an Executive Leadership Conference. Some of you may not know, but my husband is a pastor and currently serves as a district official. Our time in Colorado has been a time of refreshing for us, both physically and spiritually. Truly a blessed time. By the time you read this post, I will be flying home. Isn't "home" such a wonderful word? I love going home.

The book I'm featuring this week is Rebecca's Hope by Kimberly Grist. At the beginning of each chapter, you get to read a couple of lines Rebecca wrote to her "absent" father over the years. Letters that had been sent back unopened. The rest of the chapter shows what is currently happening. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and hope you will give it a try.

First Line:

Dear Papa, The doctor said I could take the cotton out of my left ear now. But it still sounds like there is something in it...

Rebecca raised her heavy tray above her head to maneuver to the next customer in the crowded diner normally filled with locals.

From the Back of the Book:

Raised by her guardian and influenced by the mostly male population of Carrie Town, Texas, Rebecca benefited from a forward-thinking, unorthodox education not typical for a young woman in the late Nineteenth century.

As an adult, she is armed with skills that most would covet, yet she lives in a boarding house, works as a waitress, and struggles financially. Most single women in the area didn't stay single long. Most, but not her. The townspeople all agree she is in need of a husband. Even the young girls in her Sunday School class have taken action and written an ad for the paper.

Wanted: Husband for Rebecca Mueller. **Must be handsome, nice, like children, and live within walking distance of Carrie Town School.

Will her circumstances change and allow her to hold out for true love?

Now it’s your turn. First Line Friday is something every reader can participate in. Pick up a book near you. Type the first line in the comments, along with the title of the book and the author. If you’d like, check out the books other readers have featured on their blogs by clicking on the Hoarding Books link at the end of this post. 

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January 19, 2022