First Line Friday #87

The book I'm featuring this week is By Hook or By Rook by Rebecca Connolly. This is not a Christian romance, but it is a clean historical romance that can be easily enjoyed by all. Sort of like a Hallmark Movie, except a lot more exciting, lol.

First Line:

"I need a favor."

My Thoughts:

I enjoyed this clean romance. Lots of fun dialogue between the hero and heroine. There is definitely a romantic spark whenever these two are together. But something is holding them back. The main character is a spy, who goes to London balls in disguise. That is how the heroine knows him. So is she in love with the real man or the camouflage? Definitely an enjoyable read.

Book Description:

The most dangerous journeys...

Jeremy Pratt is a spy for the Crown, and one of the best. He had been in more dangerous situations than he can admit, and has always come out unscathed. But escorting his colleague’s cousin home to her family, even in disguise, just might be beyond his skills, and the temptation beyond his ability to withstand.

May be ones of the heart...

Helen Dalton is convinced there is more to this man escorting her than meets the eye, and something familiar about him, as well. There is only one man in the world who looks at her so intensely, banters with her so easily, and makes her blush so furiously. And when he manages a daring and heroic rescue, she wonders if she ever knew him at all.

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January 19, 2022