First Line Friday #66

I'm currently reading two fiction novels for author friends. One of them I will be sharing with you next week when I'm further along in the book or have completed it. The other has not been published yet, so I won't be able to share that one. Those are the only fictions I'm currently reading. Therefore, I will share a nonfiction book with you this week.

I am featuring a book by Billy Graham called, The Heaven Answer Book.

"Jesus mentions Heaven about seventy times in the book of Matthew alone."

Every chapter in this book asks a question that people commonly have about Heaven and then Billy Graham uses the rest of the chapter to answer that particular question. Some people might feel that he isn't answering some of the questions they have, but that is because Billy Graham isn't speculating. He is only giving facts from the Bible.

Here are some questions that are answered in this book:

  1. How do we know there is life after death?
  2. Does God allow some people to have a glimpse of Heaven just before they die or even earlier? Did it happen to anyone in the Bible?
  3. Where is Heaven? Is it off in space somewhere?
  4. What will we see when we get to Heaven?
  5. Will Heaven be somber and serious?
  6. Will we have work to do in Heaven or will we just sit around and do nothing?
  7. Will there be animals in Heaven?
  8. Are we immediately with the Lord in Heaven when we die, or do we have a time of "soul sleep" before we go into God's presence?
  9. Does God forbid cremation?
  10. What is purgatory, and are some people sent there before they enter Heaven?

There are many, many more questions that Billy Graham answers. This is a factual book that is good for anyone who just wants a better understanding of what the Bible has to say about Heaven.

Now it’s your turn. First Line Friday is something every reader can participate in. Pick up a book near you. Type the first line in the comments, along with the title of the book and the author. If you’d like, check out the books other readers have featured on their blogs by clicking on the Hoarding Books link at the end of this post.

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January 19, 2022