First Line Friday #49

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The book I'm featuring this week is a The Awakening: A Medieval Romance by Tamara Leigh. It's a Christian Historical Romance, but not preachy.

PrologueBarony of OwenSpring, 1152

Beware the Delilah, my son. Beware the Jezebel.

Chapter 1Barony of Owen, EnglandApril, 1163

Awaken, Laura. It is time.

The Awakening was difficult to put down. I enjoyed hours of reading. The ending is completely satisfying. There is much dialogue between the two main characters. It's romantic, suspenseful, intriguing, and heartwarming.Baron Lothaire Soames, is a serious young man with a bitter mother who loves him but nearly destroyed his lands. He is betrothed to a very young Lady Laura Middleton and falls desperately in love, and she with him. She causes him to laugh and enjoy life. Unfortunately, something happens to tear the two apart before their wedding day. Lothaire is convinced Laura has betrayed him.Ten years later, Queen Eleanore presents Laura, her cousin, with four suitors, one of which is Lothaire. Although Laura never stopped loving him, she does not wish to marry him. Lothaire is disturbed to find Laura still affects him even after betraying him so long ago. He wants nothing to do with her. However, Queen Eleanore has other plans, which causes the two to enter a marriage neither wished for, yet both secretly hoped would succeed. Will Lothaire be able to forgive what he cannot forget? Will Laura ever find the courage to share the truth with her husband? And will he be able to protect her from the enemy that lurks in his home?Click on the book or title above to read the description of this novel on Amazon.Now it’s your turn. First Line Friday is something every reader can participate in. Pick up a book near you. Type the first line in the comments, along with the title of the book and the author. If you’d like, check out the books other readers have featured on their blogs by clicking on the Hoarding Books link at the end of this post.

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January 19, 2022