First Line Friday #43

What a crazy week this has been for me! I joined my husband at a convention in Houston. That's where I posted my last First Line Friday. Right after that, we found ourselves in the ER and my husband underwent emergency gallbladder surgery. They couldn't do the preferred laparoscopic method. No, his gallbladder was necrotic and contained a stone that the surgeon claimed was the size of an orange. He needed a huge incision! (The surgeon took pictures of it on his cell phone, probably to show his colleagues.) The surgery lasted three hours! Long story short, we arrived home yesterday. Yay! Home, sweet home...(sigh!)The book I’m featuring this week is The Gentleman Physician, which is a Regency romance by Sally Britton. Although this is not a Christian romance, it is clean and well written. A very enjoyable light read. The setting is Bath, England. It certainly made my flight home go by a lot faster.

January 10th, 1812

"Nathaniel Hastings bit his bottom lip to keep from laughing while his patient, Lady Huntington, continued to spout nonsense about the reasons behind her various ailments." 

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January 19, 2022