First Line Friday #24

The book I’m featuring today on First Line Friday is The Healer from the series called Hillbrooke, by Beverly Joy Roberts. This is an incredibly captivating book that takes placed in a small town in Michigan and centers around a church. Anyone who attends church regularly and tries living a godly life knows that there are spiritual forces that work against believers individually and the church as a whole.Beverly Joy Roberts takes you into the lives of the sincere believers in this church, as well as the lost in the community. You see their hurts and struggles, and the obstacles they are facing. You observe how both good and evil are reaching out to them, one to draw them to God and the other to draw them away and into deeper turmoil. At the same time, you see the struggles that believers face and how evil wants to bring them down.By the end of the book, tears were streaming down my face. I wanted to do a victory dance, but didn't dare since I was sitting in a airplane thousands of feet above the ground and I didn't think the other passengers would understand.I highly recommend this book. Your heart will beat in rhythm with the characters of the story.

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"Deer Lake was a beautiful backdrop for the al fresco anniversary gathering of the Brown's small group."

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January 19, 2022