First Line Friday #21

The book I'm featuring today on First Line Friday is Rumors and Promises by Kathleen Rouser.

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Stone Creek, Michigan


"Sophia Bidershem jerked awake as the train whistle blew."

I haven't finished reading this book yet. I'm about halfway through it, so I can give a little glimpse as to what you can expect. What is unique about this book is the subject of single girls who found themselves in the most uncomfortable position of being with child. Some through promiscuous living, while other were seduced into believing this is how you show true love, while other's were forced to submit. The pastor of the town feels burdened to start a home that will house these ladies and allow them the opportunity to keep their children or, if they prefer, give them up for adoption. Sophie arrives in town with a two-year-old child she claims is her sister, but you realize right away it's actually her daughter. She feels terrible about the lie, but fears for her illegitimate child and how she might be treated hold her back from admitting the truth. The pastor and Sophie feel drawn to each other, but how will he react when he finds out Sophie has been lying? What will he do when the people in town find out the truth about Sophie? He's still new in town and likes his new position. Will he choose to stand with Sophie and her child, and risk losing his job? The thing I wonder most about is, how will the ladies in such a home be treated by the town's people? Will they truly be accepted or always looked down upon by many of their neighbors. How will their children be treated once they begin attending school? If you consider society's frame of mind on this subject back in 1900, this is a situation that has countless obstacles to overcome. I will keep reading to see how the author brings about a happy ever after.First Line Friday is something every reader can participate in. Pick up a book near you. Type the first line in the comments, along with the title of the book and the author. Then check out the books other readers have featured in the comments on this blog and on the Hoarding Books link at the end of this post. You might find a book you would like to read simply by reading the first line. You can also click on the title of the book above and it will take you to Amazon so you can see what the book is about, read the reviews other readers have shared, and purchase it if it interests you.

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January 19, 2022