First Line Friday #107

My husband and I were gifted with this book since he has just begun his battle with cancer. I want to share it with you. The title is Courage, Hope, and Healing: Finding God's Presence through Life's Toughest Circumstances by Mary Pappas.

First Line:

The doctor stepped back into the room, gently closing the door behind her. I studied the expression on her face, but before I could draw a conclusion, she spoke. "Mary, you have the most unusual chest x-ray I've ever seen."

My Thoughts:

This book is a powerful story of God's faithfulness. Even when life becomes extremely difficult—seemingly impossible—God is faithful to walk the path beside us. That was Mary's experience. This is the story of a life well-lived to the honor and glory of God.

My husband is currently battling cancer and this book helped me to see things more clearly from the perspective of the cancer patient. Although my husband is a completely different personality, it still helped me to take things into consideration I might otherwise have overlooked. I came away from this book feeling inspired to continue—and perhaps in greater measure— to live my life to the honor and glory of God no matter what I may have to face. I appreciated Mary's explanation of the crossroad those who suffer will come to. Every believer who suffers must face the question: Is God good? Even when He allows me to suffer, is He a good God? The answer, of course, is "yes." But her explanation is convincing.

Once I started reading this book, I could not put it down. Mary's story pulls the reader in and doesn't let go until you get to the last page.

You can find this book on Amazon.

Your Turn:

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Anneliese Dalaba

January 19, 2022