Coming Soon: "The Marriage Maneuver"

Coming in November of 2018

A masterful deception places these two in an arranged marriage neither anticipated or desired.

Lady Selina Kendall, daughter of a viscount, was given away to her aunt and uncle at a rather young age. She never understood why she was forced to leave her parents’ home while her siblings were allowed to stay. Although Aunt Theo and Uncle Peter are very good to her, Selina cannot help the longing in her heart for her family. When she is ready to be presented to society, the long-awaited letter from her parents finally arrives. But when Selina returns home, nothing could have prepared her for the news that greets her.Lord Hugh FitzWalter (Fitz) is a wounded hero bearing visible scars, but the greatest damage was done to his heart when his fiancé broke their engagement upon his return from battle. That act caused him to have very little trust for females.

How can love grow and faith prevail when outside forces and internal conflicts conspire to tear them apart?

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January 19, 2022