Born at Yale

My husband and I drove from Michigan to Connecticut on Saturday, February 1st, to await the soon arrival of our first granddaughter (third grandchild). The next day, we took a brief tour of Yale Hospital where our granddaughter would be born, followed by a tour of the Yale Medical Library.

The Doctor, 1891, by Samuel Luke Fildes

I especially loved some of the beautiful artwork displayed there. This particular painting by Sir Samuel Luke Fildes is abounding with emotion for me. The sick child, the grieving and praying mother, the father who looks with worried eyes at his child while offering comfort to his wife, and the doctor who thoughtfully ponders what else can be done.

As we enjoyed our tour, my daughter said she was feeling some cramping. We hoped she would deliver within the next two or three days so my husband would not miss too much time from his job and could enjoy his new granddaughter for a few days. Little did we know that that very evening we would return to Yale Hospital and be admitted to the Maternity Ward. On February 3rd at 9 AM our darling Leila Jade was born.


We are thankful to God for another healthy grandchild and for safely bringing our daughter through the delivery.

I am so happy to spend over a month with my daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter in New Haven. It's been a joy watching my daughter become a mommy. The maternal instinct has fully kicked in and she has become the nurturing mother her daughter needs. It's hard to believe that my own first baby that I held in my arms is now holding her first baby. How is it possible that the years have slipped away so quickly? Yet I don't grieve the years gone by. I'm enjoying this new stage of my life as much as I enjoyed raising my children. God has shown His faithfulness to me over and over again.

Unfortunately, for those awaiting book three of The Arranged Marriage Series, you will have to wait a bit longer. I haven't gotten to any writing since arriving in Connecticut. But I will be heading home in a couple of weeks and plan to get right back to completing the first draft of book three. Thank you for your understanding and patience. I've enjoyed writing this third book and look forward to sharing it with you.


January 19, 2022