Book Review: Where He Leads

I listened to this book on Audible and wanted to share it with my readers and give you an opportunity to meet the author. Where He Leads is a Christian Historical Romance written by Angela Castillo.

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Book Description:

Compared to an arranged marriage to the odious Bernard Regent, a prairie schooner on the Oregon Trail doesn't seem like such a bad trade to Amethyst Kent.

When desperate Martha Davis reveals her need for a mother's helper on the trail, Ami decides to up and leave the pampered life she's always known for a land of freedom. But trail life is hardly a tea party, and Ami must draw from the deepest wells of her faith to survive. With the sunset always before her, and Shiloh Talon, a handsome trail scout, guiding the way, she might just make it through.

My Thoughts:

After Ami's mother passed away, her wealthy father soon married a woman close to the age of his daughter. This woman wants Ami out of the way. So she influences her husband to marry his daughter off to a man Ami knows has a cruel heart. Ami's disturbing memories of him during their school days make it impossible for her to consider him as a spouse. But her father will only listen to his wife. Ami's mother had not come from wealth and had taught her daughter humility and that there are things more important in life than money. When Ami's father tells her of the arranged marriage he has planned for her, Ami becomes desperate. She decides to join a close friend of her deceased mother on a wagon train to Oregon. But Ami could not have imagined all the hardships and trials she would encounter.

Shiloh is attracted to Ami immediately upon laying eyes on her but knows that a woman of wealth like Ami would never give him a second glance. On the trail, there are many times he saves her or helps her in one way or another. A friendship develops. During the months' long journey, Ami matures in her understanding of life and what really matters. Will this wagon train and Ami, in particular, survive encountering the threat of Indians, wild animals, dangerous circumstances, greedy bounty hunters, and more?

It was nice to see Ami develop from a girl used to indulgences and wealth, to one who learns how to survive. Her past ideals were challenged when having to make life and death decisions. Helping those around her became more important than her own safety. And she meets honest people who, although poor, would help their neighbors without expecting anything in return.

The love story with Shiloh develops in a believable manner. Certainly, coming from two very different backgrounds, there were things each of them had to learn to overcome. But the author did a nice job of developing the characters to where the reader roots for them to find a path to each other. The story moves along nicely, with plenty of action to keep the reader hooked to the end. I listened to this on Audible and I really enjoyed the narrator's voice.

About the Author:

Angela has been writing stories since she created her first book with a green crayon at the age of eight. She’s lived all over Central Texas, but mostly hovered in and around the small town of Bastrop Texas, which she loves with unnatural fierceness and features in many of her books. Angela has four wild children, a husband who studies astrophysics for fun, and a cat. Castillo has been published in The First Line, Aardvark's Ark, Heartwarmers, Thema, and several other publications, and also has books available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle format.

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January 19, 2022