Book Review: I've Seen the End of You

This book will fascinate, challenge, and inspire the reader. Be forewarned—it is a page turner because the author, W. Lee Warren, M.D., is an excellent writer. I've Seen the End of You moves along from story to story from the surgeon's perspective, and you can't help but become fully engaged with him. This powerful memoir takes you on a journey with the author as he searches for answers about death and hope. Does God care about what we face here in this life? As a neurosurgeon of brain tumors and a believer, Lee Warren grapples with the facts of science and what faith has taught him. I've Seen the End of You is endorsed by well-loved and respected authors Phillip Yancy, Max Lucado, and Daniel G. Amen, M.D. It will break your heart while encouraging you to a deeper level of faith.


Anneliese Dalaba

March 17, 2022