Book Review: God's Outrageous Claims

I just finished listening to the audible of God's Outrageous Claims by Lee Strobel. It was filled with so much information that when I finished it, I went to the beginning and listened to it a second time.


In God's Outrageous Claims, Lee Strobel answers some of the toughest questions that we have been asked or that we have grappled with ourselves. Many of these claims we say we believe but can't find the words to explain why we believe them.

For example, how do we know that what we believe about Christianity is really true? Have you ever doubted what you've been taught about Christianity? Be honest. Have you ever dared to ask yourself if what you believe is really true? Lee Strobel explains this better than I've ever heard it before. And since he comes at the question from both ends—having been an atheist who became a believer and now a Christian who, like any of us, doesn't have all the answers—he is able to clarify the issues of our doubts and leaves us with a deeper understanding of our faith.

Did you see the movie, The Passion of the Christ? I'm certain not many of us missed it. The hardest part for me to bear in that film was when they flogged Jesus—almost endlessly. Wait until you hear what Mel Gibson told Lee Strobel about that scene. The former Lee Strobel—the atheist—wanted to disprove that Jesus was God. It seemed impossible to his intellectual mind and he researched every aspect of the crucifixion, death, and resurrection to prove his case. After you listen to this portion, I assure you, your doubts will be laid to rest.

There is so much more I could tell you about this powerful and in-depth study, but you should read or listen to it for yourself. It is filled with captivating stories and illustrations that keep the reader enthralled to the end.

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January 19, 2022