Book Review—50 Days of Hope

If you or someone you love has received a cancer diagnosis, this is a book you may not want to pass up. 50 Days of Hope by Lynn Eib is a great way to begin your cancer journey.

My Thoughts:

We received this book as a gift from my long-time friend. I shared with her that my husband had been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and that, outside of a miracle, a rough road lay ahead of us. She and her husband surprised us with this book. We had never heard of it before, so we curiously began reading. 50 Days of Hope is just that—50 devotionals with faith-filled inspiration and encouragement and lots of stories of cancer survivors. When you are in the cancer battle, you don't want to hear stories about those who didn't survive cancer. What you are desperate for is hope. The author, Lynn Eib, helps the cancer patient and caregiver deal with cancer in a realistic manner. She doesn't offer false promises nor does she sugar-coat the truth. However, there are so many who have battled cancer and survived, and you might just be one of them if you don't lose hope. Lynn tells about her own battle with cancer. She had eaten healthy foods, exercised, and taken good care of herself. She should never have gotten cancer but she did. Her honesty helped my husband and I as we began a journey we never thought we would have to take. We started reading this book shortly after my husband received the diagnosis and prognosis for his particular cancer, and we probably cried through the first half of the book. Reading it leaves you feeling like you are understood and not alone. By the time we got to the second half of the book, the tears had stopped and we found ourselves living to survive as we faced the side effects of chemo and cancer. The book's very practical and spiritual advice is helpful and encouraging—a great gift to send to a friend or to buy for yourself if you or your loved one are the ones who have been thrust into the cancer battle.


Anneliese Dalaba

January 19, 2022