Book Review

A very dear friend sent me this unsolicited review of my novel, "Reluctant To Wed." She is the wife of my former pastor who served at my church in New Jersey while I was in my teens. Here is her note to me:"This is my second book review in life. Hope it brings out in a few words my understanding of the book. Enjoyed it.God is in control! A fine thread is very apparent in this well-written book which the author so clearly expresses: "He is not a God who is far away and uninterested in what is going on in our lives. He is with us." -Anneliese DalabaThe two main characters are most interesting:Emma, a young woman willing to help her family, but most of all wanting to please her God, no matter what. In many life happenings, she displays a positive attitude that would bring about a wonderful ending.Devon (I like this young man): "I need time to get to know the lady. To see if we are even compatible." (Page 15). He is a careful and deliberate thinking young man, even though his biggest wish was freedom, still wanting to do the right thing.The author very precisely brings us to the realization that our life has curves, uncertainties and, yes, sometimes doubt. God has a plan and His plan is good. God is in control!"From my viewpoint: This book is profitable for people of every age, especially for those starting out in life.

Rita E. Rueb is a retired nurse, former District Women's Ministries Director, and the wife of the former Superintendent of the German District of the Assemblies of God.Her hobbies include nature photography, flowers, and gardening.


January 19, 2022