Book Recommendation

Do you remember the book This Present Darkness by Frank Peretti? Well, the book I'm recommending today reminds me of his book where spiritual warfare is clearly portrayed in a fiction. The book I'm recommending is called Hillbrooke, New Beginnings by Beverly Joy Roberts.This is the story of Pastor Rey, who was invited to become the lead pastor of a prestigious church in Michigan. When he and his wife, Callan, saw the church and how much of a salary they would be paid, they knew it was too good of an opportunity to turn down, so they accepted. At the same time, God stirred the hearts of a spirit-filled couple to begin attending Pastor Rey's church for the purpose of lifting him up in prayer. When tragedy strikes, God gets a hold of this pastor's heart and life, and he is never the same again. In this book you will see how only a handful of praying believers who are filled with faith can change the direction of a church to become God-centered and make a difference in their community.This book was SO good!! It pulled me in right from the start. The author is quite a story teller. I loved the Pentecostal theme. It is very inspiring and absolutely true according to Scripture in what it teaches. I was literally wiping tears off my cheeks at some points in the story, not from sadness, but from realizing what the power of God can accomplish in hearts surrendered to Him. There is great character development and I felt real emotion for each of the main characters. I'm looking forward to reading the next book in this series.


January 19, 2022