Book Recommendation

From time to time, I will review and recommend a book to you. Most of these books will be romances, but the one I'm highlighting today is not a romance. It's the true story of a young man searching for truth. In the beginning, he wasn't searching, but rather trying to prove to Christians that Islam is the only religion that accurately explains the truth about who God is. Unfortunately, most Christians he encountered didn't know their Bible as well as this young man knew his holy book. In college, he meets a young Christian man who challenges his thinking beyond anything he could have imagined. Now he must decide for himself who he is going to believe. Is Jesus really the Son of God?I highly recommend this book. It will pull you in and answer questions you never thought to ask. It will enlighten your mind and grow your faith. Click on the book below for your copy of this amazing story. It is currently only $2.99 at Amazon.


January 19, 2022