Blessed with Four Mothers

I have four mothers that I'm thankful for this Mother's Day. Each one of them is a blessing to our family. I can't imagine not having them in my life.

It's hard to find the words to express how much I appreciate my mom. I can best illustrate the kind of mother I have by a story I thought of this week from my childhood.

I have a faded, pea-size scar on the top of my right hand that is actually a testimony of God's protection. It could have been so much worse. My mom started a pea soup in a pressure cooker and told me to turn it off at a specific time. (I think she had to go away for a short errand.) I was about 12 at the time. And I knew nothing about pressure cookers. So when I turned it off, I decided to open the lid because Mom would be home soon and we would be ready to eat. I couldn't understand why the lid wouldn't come right off, so I forced it with all my might. POW!!! Pea soup exploded in the kitchen. On the ceiling. On the cabinets. On the countertop. On the floor and in the sink. There was very little left in the pot. And one drop fell on the top of my right hand. My mom heard my scream and came running. I have to tell you what a wonderful mom I have. She didn't scold me. She didn't cry, whine, or complain. She figured out right away what had happened and she knew I had wanted to help. I don't remember what we had for dinner that night, but our kitchen was completely clean before we went to bed. I have the best mom in the world...ever! And I always wanted to be just like her.

The day I married my husband, this sweet lady became my second mom. She showed me that having a mother-in-law like her is an incredible blessing.

My mother-in-law is a fantastic decorator. She has a great eye for fashion and decor. Whenever we visited, I noticed all the special touches she had added to each room and how well it all coordinated. But whenever we arrived at her house, even with our little children, she didn't worry about them touching anything or making a mess as they played. She loved to see them enjoying themselves. And she wanted me to feel comfortable and not have to chase after my kids the entire time I was there. My mother-in-law said, after you go, I will have plenty of time to put everything where it needs to be. We were always more important to her than a perfect house and the things she owned.

Almost three years ago, my daughter-in-law made me a grandmother!

And this January, she blessed us with another grandson! I see how hard Kelsey works to care for those precious boys. It's a huge challenge to have an active toddler while trying to care for a newborn, especially during a quarantine. But she's a trooper. She patiently nurtures, teaches, and guides them. Right from the start, she looked for ways to help her older son bond with his baby brother. She has been careful to give the older one the attention he needs so he wouldn't feel jealous of the baby. And she's done a good job. He recently told her he wouldn't mind if she gave him another brother. The love for her sons radiates from her eyes. She's an honest and transparent person who always tries to see the good in others. She takes people just as they are. I admire that about her. It's a joy having her in our family.

In February, our daughter gave us our third grandchild, a baby girl.

I had the wonderful privilege of seeing this woman grow from a baby in my arms to the mommy of the precious baby in her arms. It was such a joy for me to spend the first six weeks after delivery with them. Before my eyes, I saw all the maternal instincts kick in and blossom in my daughter. Right from the start, she patiently cared for her baby. And now, while working a full-time job from home, when necessary, she calmly holds her daughter in one arm, while working on her computer with the other one. Amanda bravely faces each challenge that comes her way in a flexible manner, making certain her daughter has all she needs. She is a perfectionist. If she is going to do something, then she is going to do it well. I admire that about her. And I can see her determination to help her baby feel loved and cared for. Amanda has great empathy for people. When her baby cries, her empathy kicks in and she immediately begins looking for ways to soothe her back to a happy state.

Happy Mother's Day to all four of you! I love and appreciate you!!!


January 19, 2022