Attention Christian Romance Readers!

This is a question for those who enjoy Christian romance. Name three things you expect to find in a novel in this genre. A happy ending is a given. Every romance must have a happy ending or the book is listed in the wrong genre. Besides a happy ending, what is it that makes a Christian romance great for you?Here are some things I expect to find in a well-written Christian romance. This is just to get your mind in gear to begin brainstorming:

  1. Romance throughout the book. I don't want the romance to be short, thrown somewhere into the mix, and never seeing it fully developed.
  2. The main characters must be or become believers in Jesus Christ. A clean romance is not the same as a Christian romance. Faith has to play a significant role in the story without becoming preachy. It must be lived out.
  3. Make me smile. Life certainly has its difficulties, but it also has humor. A romance should have both also.

Now it's your turn. Please share with me one to three things that make for an amazing Christian romance novel.


January 19, 2022