A City Saunter Story

I received my copy yesterday of A City Saunter Story written by Ariniko O'Meara. Ariniko decided to walk every street in Lansing, Michigan and kept a journal of her experiences. Having grown up in Lansing, her story unfolds as familiar streets remind her of childhood, youth, and adult events and occurrences.

Ariniko's writing will draw you in and take you on a journey through Lansing from her vantage point. The stories made me laugh and cry, and taught me things of the city I currently live in—but did not grow up in—that I never would have realized had I not read A City Saunter Story.

If you are interested in purchasing this book, click HERE. For anyone who lives in Michigan, Ariniko's knack of story-telling will educate while it entertains and moves you deeply.

Ariniko is also a photographer. I would encourage you to click on City Splendors at the top of her website and browse through the beautiful pictures of Lansing, Michigan which the author took while on her city saunters.


January 19, 2022