A Brief Glimpse Into My Latest Novel

The Marriage Maneuver ebook will be released this Friday, November 9, 2018!!!

Here is just a little glimpse into a portion of the first chapter of my latest novel. You met Fitz in Reluctant To Wed. Now you will have the opportunity to read his story. Through the challenges of an unwanted marriage arranged against their will, Selina and Fitz learn that God is still in control and can use the selfish schemes of others to accomplish His purpose in their lives.Hampstead, EnglandMay 1819Selina’s trembling hand smoothed the skirt of the white muslin gown into place while her other hand clutched a bouquet of pink roses mixed with ivy and herbs. Was it only two hours prior, as her abigail carefully pinned the Mechlin lace veil onto the elaborate hairstyle she had created, that Selina still tenaciously clung to hope? Her heart constricted in alarming disappointment as she stood at the front of the chapel. Selina’s lovely attire was completely wasted on the bridegroom, who hadn’t bothered to cast his eyes upon her even once as she compelled her feet to move down the long aisle while clutching her father’s arm. Why she had held tightly to his arm, Selina could not say. Her father had abandoned her long ago and provided no haven of protection. It seemed her soon-to-be husband was cut from the same cloth. As she stood beside Viscount FitzWalter, Selina forced herself to concentrate on the vicar’s words, but alas, her mind was too distracted. She took a deep, shuddering breath, hoping it would cause her hands to stop shaking. Thankfully, few people were in attendance. Only her immediate family, whom she barely knew, as well as Aunt Theo, who was more of a mother to her than her own mother had ever been. A few members of the viscount’s family were in attendance. No one else needed to witness this undesired union. Not that the other members of the family didn’t desire it. Actually, her parents were ecstatic about the money and connections they would gain. His parents were happy to finally have their heir leg-shackled. Soon everyone would begin watching her closely to see if an heir was on the way. A shiver ran down her spine. Selina could not imagine intimacy with the frowning man who stood beside her. The clearing of a throat caught her attention and she quickly looked at the vicar, who stared at her expectantly. What had she missed? He must have asked her a question. Her hands became moist. Lord FitzWalter stood stoically beside her making it clear she should expect no help from him. Oh, how she wished she could wake up and find it was a nightmare. Selina turned pleading eyes to the vicar. He cleared his throat once more. “Ahem. Do you take this man to be your husband, Lady Selina?” How she wished she could say, “No, I don’t.” That wasn’t an option. Instead, she whispered, “I do.” The vicar looked toward her groom and repeated the question. Selina forced herself to stop woolgathering and pay attention to what was going on around her. She heard the viscount’s clipped response. “I do.” The vicar spoke some words over them and then pronounced them husband and wife. She was now lawfully wed to this stranger—a hardened, scarred, and angry man. “You may kiss your bride.” Selina lifted startled eyes to her groom. Oh no! How had it slipped my mind that a kiss was part of the ceremony?

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January 19, 2022